Nicholas Walton Hofgren

Nicholas Walton Hofgren

Chief Executive Officer


 Mr. Hofgren has 26 years’ experience in capital markets, real estate and private equity. He started his career by joining the launch of an investment bank in Miami and Lima where he restructured eleven companies over five years in the fast-moving consumer goods, transportation, communications and manufacturing sectors. Mr Hofgren was subsequently hired by Bank of America to develop a new business, raising capital for private equity and real estate funds, which was ultimately sold to JP Morgan (then, Chase Manhattan). He was later involved with a number of financial services businesses affiliated with Brunswick UBS which involved freight stock leasing and property development and was also responsible for the sale of the oldest Russian hedge fund owned by Brunswick. He was appointed Chief Investment Officer of Immo Industry Group in 2008 where he was involved in the formation of investment funds and the building of new logistics facilities for corporate clients across Europe.

In between 2008 and 2013, Mr Hofgren was a partner at Tangent Ventures, a US$2.9B private equity group with approximately US$400M in EBITDA, where he restructured and refinanced various portfolio assets. In 2009, he founded Westly House International which to date has secured the sale of a €190M wind farm and funded the first Russian mezzanine fund. In 2013, he joined  Vega Swiss Asset Management as Head of Corporate Finance where he was responsible for originating and managing transactions. In 2014, Mr Hofgren co-founded and became a director of both GFG Limited and GFG Fund PCC Limited. He is also a director of several subsidiary investment vehicles of GFG Fund PCC Limited. Mr Hofgren has been a director of Prince Street Group fund entities since 2010 and a member of the development committee of the Prince’s Teaching Institute since 2011. He has also been a member of the advisory boards of Kingsley Capital Partners and TLG Capital Investment since 2011 and 2015 respectively. In 2016, Mr Hofgren joined the board of Vordere plc.

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