Results of General Meeting
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Results of General Meeting

Results of General Meeting

30 July 2020


(“Vordere” or the “Company”)

Results of General Meeting

Vordere announces that at the General Meeting which was held today, all the resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed on a poll. 

The Poll results represent 100% of all votes in favour of all 3 resolutions on the day.

Below is the results of the shares voted.

ResolutionFor / Discretion%Against%Total voted
1. That, the terms of the contract (the “Contract”) made between the Company and Peterhouse Capital Limited for the purchase by the Company of 17,125,651 ordinary shares of 2p each in the capital of the Company in aggregate for a total consideration of £1 produced to the meeting and signed by the chairman of the meeting for the purposes of identification be approved.400,032,069100%400,032,069
2. That, the Company be re-registered as a private limited company under the Companies Act 2006 under the name Vordere Limited.400,032,069100%400,032,069
3. That, subject to the passing of resolution number 2 in the notice of general meeting of the Company dated 6 July 2020, that the regulations contained in the document submitted to the meeting and for the purposes of identification signed by the chairman be approved and adopted as the articles of association of the Company in substitution for and to the exclusion of the existing articles of association.400,032,069100%400,032,069

The Company’s issued share capital is 486,139,820 shares. The company holds 10,426,780 Ordinary shares in Treasury pending completion of conditions in respect of one acquisition agreement.

By way of update, the company continues to vigorously pursue the former directors and associated companies and has sent a Letter Before Claim to setting out the alleged wrongdoings of the former removed Board and detailing the basis under which the Company intends to pursue its claim.

The Letter Before Claim was sent to:





–  GFG UK LIMITED (owned by Nicholas Hofgren)

–  GFG LIMITED (owned by Nicholas Hofgren)

For any enquiries please contact Vordere PLC on the below

Vordere PLC