shareholder information
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shareholder information

Vordere’s ordinary shares are traded on the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange. The Vordere ticker code is VOR.

GFG Property Fund Limited 135,682,545  22.75%
HK Nominees 133,172,606 22.32%
Ritz Property Investimentos Imobiliarios Eireli 120,820,537 20.25% *
John O’Donnell 40,326,551 6.76%
Mike Fernandes 24,534,083 4.11%

* The shares are the subject of an injunction made against the company, Ritz Property Investimentos Imobiliarios EIRELI (“Ritz”), Aurora Capital Ltd (“Aurora”) and GFG UK Ltd (“GFG UK”), which prevents the registration of any transfer of the shares in the Company held by Ritz, Aurora and GFG UK, pending the resolution of the claim made by Mr John O’Donnell for orders setting aside a transaction made between the Company and Ritz in October 2019.

Issued Share Capital

The Company’s issued share capital as at 4 July 2019 comprises 477,682,372 ordinary shares of a nominal value equal to £0.02 each.  The Company does not hold any shares in Treasury other than 10,426,780 Ordinary Shares which shall be held in Treasury pending completion of conditions in respect of one acquisition agreement, as set out in the Prospectus.  The total voting rights are therefore 467,255,592 shares.